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A Little About Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan


Wu style is the second most popular form of tai chi chuan in the world today, after the Yang style . It dates from 1870, when Wu Ch'uan-yu (1834-1902) became a senior disciple in the Yang family and was also invited to become an instructor to the Manchu military. His son and grandsons developed his teachings and began to clearly distinguish them from Yang style.


One of the significant features of Wu style training is it routinely places the body's weight 100% on one leg; " yin and yang separation". The leg that supports 100% of the body weight is actually the yang leg, as this leg is "full". The yin leg, which has no weight on it, is "empty".



Who is Master MA Chang-xun ?


Master MA was born in 1933. He had fragile health from childhood, and when a doctor advised him to practice Tai Chi, he started immediately.

He studied with Great Master LIU Wancang (Tai Chi Wu style) and Master BAO Quanfu (Taoist Qi Gong and Taoïst Arts of Longevity).

Since more than 40 years, his long and deep way of studying has brought him to find the interrelation between the TAO, the YI Jing, complemented by the philosophy, the medicine, the mechanism of the psychological force, the Beaux Arts, etc... He proves that the TAICHI is equivalent to the Beaux Arts of human body.

"His in-depth study over the last 40 years has brought him to a deep appreciation of the interrelatedness of the Tao (literally "the Way") and the Chinese classic Yi Jing (usually translated as the "Book of Changes", but which could also be called "Teachings on Simplicity), and their complimentary relationship to philosophy, medicine, the psychological workings of the mind, and the fine arts. Master Ma truly expressed Tai Chi as a "fine art of the body".  

His practice is relaxed, calm, natural, light, lively, fluid. To watch him practicing brings joy and serenity, much like the sight of a beautiful drawing or Chinese calligraphy.



maitre ma

Since about 20 years, he has given his teaching to a numerous amount of chinese students and also to foreigners. He is advisor of the Research and Development Association of "the sticky hand" for the health, in Beijing - of which he was President.

He represents the Federation WUSHU in China and has received many time the TAICHI practitionners of Japan, USA, England, Taiwan, New-Zealand, France etc...

His students have received the best results in different national and international competitions.


For medical applications of the TAICHI, for exemple consult :